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    NL Design + STATE OF THE ART
    eLite gymnast product quality
    In stock, Europe The Netherlands

    Best price + (price)guarantee
    Best quality & finish
    Best advice + materials
    Best in everything + sharp offer!


    Gym mats á € 269,- 'All-in'
    300x100x10 cm mini track

    4m Spring Track á € 337,-
    400x100x10 cm airtrack

    300x100x15 cm á € 307,-
    400x100x15 cm á € 410,-

    500 cm Air Track á € 521,-
    500x100x15 cm track +OV10
    The very best + Lowest price!


    Evenwichtsbalk / Turnbalk (NL)
    Air-Balance Beam á € 192,- 'All-in'
    300x55x15 cm + 10 cm centre line

    Extra long balance beam version
    520x65x15 cm + 10 cm centre line

    F O R   E X T R A   A C T I O N S:
    . . . C O N T A C T   U S   N O W !

    7M Feetpump | OV10 mini-blower

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  • EU (): YouAreAir.COM / Airtrack.SHOP
    YouAre.EU/.ORG.UK + YouAre.BE/.NL

    Your / YouAre: Best price guarantee...
      600x140x20 cm = € 1.485 'All-in'
      600x280 cm = € 2.516 'All-in' = € 149,76 / m2

      800x140x20 cm = € 1.825 'All-in' / incl. VAT
      800x280x20 cm = € 3.242 'All-in' = € 144,7 / m2

    1.000x140x20 cm = € 2.165 'All-in' / incl. VAT
    1.000x280x20 cm = € 3.820 'All-in' = € 136,4 / m2


    1.200x280x20 cm = € 4.479 'All-in' = € 133,3 / m2

    1.500x280x20 cm = € 5.441 'All-in' = € 129,5 / m2

    Incl. our BRAVO OV10 Mini-Blower, and the
    actual Factory price á € 79,95 comparision; 'All-in'

    PVC DWF (Heytex); DIN EN ISO 1421, ISO 4674-1; NFG 37 114, ISO 2411, ISO 4675; NF EN 12280-1

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  • EU (): YouAreAir.COM / Airtrack.SHOP
    YouAre.EU/.ORG.UK + YouAre.BE/.NL

    Your / YouAre: Best price guarantee...
      580x280 cm = € 2.462 'All-in'
      800x280 cm = € 3.242 'All-in'
    1.000x280 cm = € 3.820 'All-in'
    1.200x280 cm = € 4.479 'All-in'
    1.500x280x33 cm = € 5.441 'All-in'
    Incl. our BRAVO OV10 Mini-Blower, and the
    actual Factory price á € 79,95 comparision; 'All-in'


    Best price + Focus on top quality
    We believe our focus on quality deliverables is what took us to where we are now.

    All our Air Track mattresses and projects go through different layers of quality checks, making sure that the final deliverable is spotless!

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  • EU (): Super- & OrcaRaft.COM / SeaRaft.SHOP
    YouAre.ORG /.EU /.ORG.UK + YouAre.BE/.NL

    Our YouAre (HEYtex or CSM): Best price guarantee... PLUS: Easy to fold, much lighter, Small store space, Best acceptable price, Wide range of usage, etc.

    HEYtex   5.4 m2: 300 x 180 cm = € 1.421,00 'All-in'
    incl. stabilization tube + D-rings / No Borika ladder

    HEYtex 11.2 m2: 400 x 280 cm = € 3.632,00 'All-in'
    incl. stabilization + 4x D-rings / excl. Borika fastens


    Unique ORCA CSM: ...5x more resistant to UV (sun), salt water, tear & wear and it is rubber (not slippery) & you do not need extra layers: ...Orca® CSM (Hypalon) is valued for its resistance to chemicals, oil, abrasion, weather and temperature extremes and ultraviolet light + Combi: 8% Discount!

    Orca CSM 4.65 m2: 310 x 150 cm = € 3.548,00
    incl. stabilization, D-rings + 2x Borika ladders; or...

    Orca CSM 8.41 m2: 290 x 290 cm = € 6.767,00

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Cada dia es una fiesta” — Or as we like to explain in our native language:

NL — "Iedere dag is een feest om te mogen werken aan alle activiteiten die ons zo boeien... met mensen om ons heen die, net als wij, werken vanuit een enorme passie. Het is dan ook feest om met- en voor ons te werken". 

PLUS our online marketplaces in EUROPE (EU): ...YouAre.EU & YouAre.BE/.NL


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Topsporter.nl ...Trampoline, etc.)
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  NL — Als wereldwijde netwerk-organisatie in de gym- als hobby- en topsport voor ú enerzijds zijn wij als “media sponsor: Zaterdag.nl” hierdoor ook de ideale Partner in een aantal regionale netwerken als: topspringers.nl, topturn(st)ers.nl, topdansers.nltopacrobatiek.nl o.a.

Order NOW! PLUS: The product photos shown on this website are only examples and for representational purposes only. Some product technical specifications frequently change in order to maintain cutting edge products. If there is something that you specifically wish to ensure please raise this at the point of purchase.


The World up closer! ...Bringing the World closer to you. // NL: De wereld dichterbij.

Your local sales point/shop + Your DIRECT advantage: Best Price Guarantee program by Package Forwarding services; Sale import; Very affordable & AirTrack Factory garantee.

Shopping & shipping Services ...meaning: "Package Forwarding Services"; Your products direct from the AirTrack Factory: door to door; Omni-Channel; Being also the ideal partner in a number of regional sports-networks, ...and more!

Inflatable components are essential for many sporting activities, especially in gymnastics, dancing & martial arts*. The main benefits are:

    Safety, also by Top quality
    Easy to fold, much lighter
    Small store space
    Wide range of usage
    Flexibility (puzzle system)
    Best acceptable price

...and our superiour services!


We develop standard+custom buildt
    Top quality products (by: YouAre)
    New products never seen before
    The best possible price

Recommendations — We cooperate with the German HEYtex PVC double wall fabric manufacturer. According to our partner, our cutting edge DWF products are superior in design (curves and stiches) and meet 0 air leak standards. For that reason, they recommend us to their most valued clients

*) Also specialist in recreational gym, pre-school gymnastics, towards cheerleading, acrobatics, free running, elderly gym, fitness, health centres, movement therapies

We: The Zaterdag(.nl) & YouAre AirTrack Factory price Distribitor — Air tumbling is very similar to what you may see on a tumble track, fast track or rod floor. It has been known to have several different names such as air floor, air track and gym. Call it what ever you want, one thing is for sure, you can definitely call it fun. Beginning gymnast, tumblers or cheerleaders will immediately be drawn to air tumbling.

We move the world around, not necessaraly selling merchandise, but shipping the goods from order to receipt instead! Your advantage: No price skiimming, and fair trade around the world, much lower prices, ...and even more advantages for you!

We get the same recommendations for the extreme strong material manufacturer, like from our partner Orca hypalon (CSM) double wall fabric manufacturer, for whom our AirTrack Factory not only make demo samples for their exhibitions on fairs, plus just like we also create the first sea- and lake rafts, inflatable rafts wash down repair raft work platform and sun-pads, as even the ultimate pleasure islands; or just that extra deck space for your boat or Yacht!


Other HEYtrax/CSM products
Our DWF fabric can also be used for:
    Airtennis wall, Wall for tennis
    Inflatable floor for all kind of gym
    Stage seating for people
    Slider/bouncer for kids and adults
    Dividing wall for heat & noise insulation, ...Caravan floor, etc.

Military top quality, Orca hypalon (CSM): ...or to be used as a water- or searaft, artificial beach, nautical platform, resque equipment stretcher, ferryboat, innovations, ...

Our products benefit of a high level of skills and engineering and they have to pass a series of rigorous quality tests assured by our Quality Management System.

The rebound surface can be adjusted to soft or very firm.

Confidence is increased considerably by the more forgiving surface. Tracks come different sizes, from 6 feet up to 10 feet wide and 20 feet up to 84 feet long. Unlike the hard sides of a tumble track the Air Tracks are safer and much more forgiving.