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4m 15cm blue Air Track to elevate your skills — 800 Watt mini-blower

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Ultimate Master sports-series — X-Mark model — AirTrack
Highest quality- plus newest “Fusion technology” air track, with a much longer lifetime!

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4m 15cm blue Air Track to elevate your skills — 800 Watt mini-blower

AirTrack specialist — Buy now youare pro airtrack gymnastic sports series — Ultimate gymnast floor

Sportive in a playful way — Ultimate air master gym track factory — 2 in 1 special — 4m x 100x15 cm gymnastics premium edition

YouAreAir product including mini-blower repair set container storage bag cover Repair Kit Container Bucket, inflatable + Wrench Sapnner Valve key PVC glue tube dual Scoprega Bravo 2005 high quality valve — 15 cm high 4 meter length 100 cm wide blue black light grey white mat — electrical airpump 800 Watt strong mini blower pump — storage bag — repair kit

- Aerial; Arabier+ Arabesque

- Backhandspring (BHS, stepout); Backwalkover; Backflip; Backtuck; backwards roll

- Cartwheel (bhs s/o – Backhandspring stepout) ; Chest stand & double back-flip

- Dive Cartwheel; Dive-roll; Dive Front Walkover; Double Turn

- Extension roll, Elbow stand

- Front Limber; Front Walkover; Front-handspring; Flip; Flick-Flack; Fame jump

- Good leg split, Good jump, Gainer BHS

- Handstand; Handstand walking; Handspring

- Illusion; Inwards turn

- Jump

- Kickover; Kick; Knee backband

- Leap; Limber; Leg hold; Long Roll; Lunge

- Middle split(s); Menny Kelly (no-hand); Mine

- Needle kick; No handed forwardroll, Needle scale

- One-armed cartwheel; oversplit; onodi; o-jump; One handed front walkover; One-handed cartwheel

- Pike sit; Pike salto; Pick/Puck Jump; Pick; Press handstand; penché

- Quarter jump; quarter turn; quick cartwheel

- Round off bhs; Roud-off backflips|roll

- Salto; Splits; Scorpion; Stradle; Spagat; Step(out); Split jump; Stag jump; Standing aerial; Standing Tuck

- Tuck (back); Tinsica; Tick tock; Tilt; Turn; Tumble(ing) ; Toe touch

- Undercut(ed)+ Upward jump; Undercut back; Undercut walkover; Undercut cartwheel

- Valdez; V-up; V-sit hold

- Walkover; Wolf-jump

- X-jump

- Y-stand; Y-hold

- Zero-handed Forward Roll; Zero/handed Front Walkover; Z-Forfeit (hold a bridge for 20 seconds)

Dimensions jumping mat
400 x 100 x 15 cm
Spring length
Thickness / Height
15 cm high
2 in 1; X-Mark Pro master
Blue & black
Rectangle Track + Mini-blower
Article, sets and building blocks
15 cm AirTrack, AirFloor
Headquarters: Zaterdag (.nl)

 +31 (0)6 461 366 81, Patrick Bresser
+31 (0)418 640 240 (also: in the evening, holidays and weekend)

 Zaterdag, 'founder' of @YouAreAir
Hintham 60
Kerkdriel, 5331 CL
Nederland (KvK: 30241098)

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4m 15cm blue Air Track to elevate your skills — 800 Watt mini-blower — storage bag cover — repair kit

Premium Master sports-series AirTrack
Highest quality- plus newest “Fusion technolgy” air track, with a much longer lifetime!

Superb Comfort, Endurance and Performance; All-in-1, ...a-class-apart!
“AA — Double A-class”; Extra layered, Smooth, Firm, Light and Strong at the same time; Being the absolute needed characteristics for a true — Premium Master sports-series, extra layered and beautiful contrast colour finish air track;
Extra- and additional double airtight secure layers; ...suficient overlap materials; Welded seams technolgy plus extra hand glued airtight finish — zero leaks 2 layers coated fabric, known as the latest “Fusion technolgy”, or “double layer light” or “double layer fusion” - connected by thousands of small GLASS FIBER treads.

Top quality, Italian Bravo valve* plus top quality accessories, best technologies, best materials, best finish, best curves and roundings, best in all aspects!
*) Double action, Italian Bravo valve: removable, replaceble, reliable and airtight

An air track lifetime of easlily 7 years and longer is most common!

Fusion technology double layer of material on the top and bottom;

This impressive state of the art piece of high quality air equipment has outstanding improvements in durability, performance, usability, safety and stability. Tried and tested by many of the world´s best gymnasts + clubs; The elite gymnastics Premium Master sports-series is a huge step and enrichment for the AirTrack “Double A-class — ultimate eLite family”. True gymnastic equipment that makes you much better!

·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  “Highest quality products for less”:

“Like some other upcoming names in Australia, America and so on we also like to be one of the fastest growing companies in the Air Track Floor Mat industry”.

— “What started as an idea to create true quality products for less, has turned into a reality” — 

As the initiator of an @FunFantasyFactory gym amongst others, I realized we were spending way too much money on equipment and I wanted to find ways to save! Our goal is to provide the very best products at an affordable price.

We offer a wide variety of air equipment for all gymnastics, tumbling, free running and more uses. Our tracks floors mats are made of the highest quality materials in the industry, and can be made custom to your needs”!

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