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The Top- very best of...

Premium Master sports-series AirTrack
Highest quality- plus newest “Fusion technolgy” air track, with a much longer lifetime!

Superb Comfort, Endurance and Performance; All-in-1, ...a-class-apart!
“AA — Double A-class”; Extra layered, Smooth, Firm, Light and Strong at the same time; Being the absolute needed characteristics for a true — Premium Master sports-series, carbon look finish air track;
Extra- and additional double airtight secure layers; ...suficient overlap materials; Welded seams technolgy plus extra hand glued airtight finish — zero leaks 2 layers coated fabric, known as the latest “Fusion technolgy”, or “double layer light” or “double layer fusion” - connected by thousands of small GLASS FIBER treads.

Top quality, Italian Bravo valve* plus top quality accessories, best technologies, best materials, best finish, best curves and roundings, best in all aspects!
*) Double action, Italian Bravo valve: removable, replaceble, reliable and airtight

An air track lifetime of easlily 7 years and longer is most common!

Fusion technology double layer of material on the top and bottom;

This impressive state of the art piece of high quality air equipment has outstanding improvements in durability, performance, usability, safety and stability. Tried and tested by many of the world´s best gymnasts + clubs; The elite gymnastics Premium Master sports-series is a huge step and enrichment for the AirTrack “Double A-class — ultimate eLite family”. True gymnastic equipment that makes you much better!

·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  “Highest quality products for less”:

“Like some other upcoming names in Australia, America and so on we also like to be one of the fastest growing companies in the Air Track Floor Mat industry”.

— “What started as an idea to create true quality products for less, has turned into a reality” — 

As the initiator of an @FunFantasyFactory gym amongst others, I realized we were spending way too much money on equipment and I wanted to find ways to save! Our goal is to provide the very best products at an affordable price.

We offer a wide variety of air equipment for all gymnastics, tumbling, free running and more uses. Our tracks floors mats are made of the highest quality materials in the industry, and can be made custom to your needs”!

·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  “Sports-series, beter affordable; The next Big Thing”:

We clearly differentiate between- and compair the following AirTrack offerings:

To be considered the most valuable AirTrack characteristics:
Best price, being cost savings in Double Wall Fabric, DWF layers; towards and...
Versus... Best products- & military grade level fabrics and materials:

— “C — GRADE” —

C (Non-suitable class) Double Wall Drop Stitch Material (DWF), with PVC tarpaulin cover; Hard, non flexible, stiff like a dead body, worst solution ever; plus being banded by even many countries due to product safety concerns like prohibited substances, such as lead or cadmium in the fabrics/materials used; ...

— “B — STYLE” —

B (Rookie class, B-STYLE). Ali-Express, AliBaba AirTrack
Bad- and such worse fabrics, copies.

— “A — Single A-class” — Best price, sports-series

A (Single A-class). Technology: Reinforced double wall fabric, handmade; ...
Best price option; Good fabrics; Average- Strength, Durability and Longevity, Moderate abrasion, etc.
(...Most common, home edition material)

— “AA — Double A-class” — Strength, more Durable, Resilient and Longevity

AA (Double A class). Extra durable sports-series AirTracks, dual airtight coating with reinforced double wall fabric
Better airtightness; Already military level material standards, Strength, Even more durable, Resilient and Longevity
(...Top-sportsrecreational sports material)

— “AAA — Triple A-class” — more Resilient- Stronger (extra layers) & Lighter

AAA (Triple A class) German HEYtex elite gymnast quality; Multuple layers; Airtight coatings, being extra reinforced double wall fabric
At least 50% more durable; Lifespan of 7 years not uncommon; Softer in material and more resilient, stronger (extra airtight layers), 30% lighter in average; You can set the pressure to anything between rock-hard and bouncy-soft; ...etc.

German HEYtex, EU fabrics, quality and materials are perhaps: 1.6 times more expensive; Though HEYtex is perfected, Second To None; being the best of the best also: Besides an real airtight coating, double even | High tensile strength | High stiffness | Extremely light | Good isolation | Can take high pressure | Excellent high stress distribution | Dimensionally stable | Durable and UV and weather resistant | Strict pre-testing on quality and pressure ...even more times stronger equals ten times more fun to elite gymnast- and gymnastics clubs instead of facing many possible problems- and defects due to extreme conditions, the use, performances.

Good comparison in poor Trampoline quality; towards Second to None* (S2N) competition trampolines for instance:
It is exactly like Van Cranenbroek, tuincentrum, average toys, just like Intertoys, Bart Smit bad toys quality; Versus very good Berg Trampolines, Avyna, JumpKing brands and known outdoor qualities towards finaly even the latest Ultimate EuroTramp competition Trampolines. A class apart, top notch where it is seems impossible to set the bar- or the elite gymnast quality cannot or go any higher.

*) YouAre — Second To None

We make you Nr. 1 to be “Second To None”
YouAre first
YouAre in second place behind no-one
First place all the way!

·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  “Quick ref. guide | The basics in more detail”:

— “Elite gymnast — versus — Sports-series” — 

Beter materiaalkeuze leidt tot een langere levensduur; Zachter van materiaal en veerkrachtiger, sterker (lagen), 30% lichter
EN: Beter material choise leading to increased longevity ;Softer in material and more resilient, stronger (airtight layers), 30% lighter

Het Duitse- German; eLite gymnast...
Ten minste tweemaal de levensduur; Meer dan 7 jaar niet ongebruikelijk!
EN: At least twice the lifespan; More than 7 years not uncommon

Ten times more fun! ...Besides an real airtight coating | High tensile strength | High stiffness | Extremely light | Good isolation | Can take high pressure | Excellent high stress distribution | Dimensionally stable | Durable and UV and weather resistant | Strict pre-testing on quality and pressure ...even more times stronger equals ten times more fun to elite gymnast- and gymnastics clubs instead of facing many possible problems- and defects due to extreme conditions, the use, performances etc.

Nr. 1 choise) coating layers (primer & coatings) — Tensile strength* Uper/Lower side 2700/5000 N/5 cm = 308/571 lbs/inch

*) AAA — Triple A-class) Wrap & weft tensile strength at least 50% more durable incl. Low weight: 2200 ... 2250 g/m2 | 65 ...66 oz/yd2

— “Extra opties- / EN: Better pricing — The next BIG thing — Sports-series” —

Sports-series; Beste prijs optie- EN: Best price option
Sportserie, optionele 2de luchtdichtheid laag (coating)
EN: Sports-series, optional 2th airtightness layer (coating)

Tip: AirTracks met- en zonder versterkingen*
EN: AirTracks with- and without reinforcements;
*) AirTracks with reinforcement- backing added in average 2.4 times stronger, more durable, ...

Eén laag luchtdichtheid (...De allerbeste beste prijsoptie)
EN: Single layer airtightness (...Best price option)

Levensduur/Durability; Half- or: Dubbel/Dubble!
Jouw keuze- EN: Your choise

— “Dual airtight layers — versus — single coating- reinforced Sports-series” — 

Beste prijs- EN: Best price options...
AA — Double A-class) Dual Airtight layers — Tensile Strength Uper/Lower side 869/2437 N/5 cm
A — Single A-class) Single coating — Tensile Strength Uper/Lower side 1100 avg. N/5 cm DIN53354

German HEYtex elite gymnastics equipment AirTracks, being our Triple AAA, top rated AirTracks;
Plus the next big thing: AirTracks Sports-series;

— “Practice benefits” — 

Exercise safety: 2 layers laminated fusion material outside and the advanced bonding technology! That makes our air track have stable performance and no leakage
Exercise upgrade: Excelent flexibility ensure the excersiers can perform more difficult movement! The air track inner pressure can be adjusted, by Double action BRAVO air valves, to get different flexibility
More application: Gymnastics center, Yoga gym, Kungfu venue, Kids training, Swimming pool, Seaside/beach, Indoor/outdoor, Backyard, Grass, Lake
Easily carrying: Compaired with the traditional gymnastics mat, air track is easily fold, storage, carrying, inflation and using. Anytime and anywhere right now!

— “AirTrack construction” — ...competitors view, low costs, bad quality versus YouAre best materials, long lifetime...

- Single layer & Double layer (2 layers glued on each)
The construction layer itself is airtight and is about 0.5mm tick made from mesh (...netting grid) and PVC. Drop stich GLASS FIBER material in the middle (...2 layers of construction layers, connected by these thousands of small GLASS FIBER treads), BRAVO gas value, the advanced bonding technology.

...resulting also in more thiner, much worse even plastic type of looks plus the known disadvantages of:

— “B — STYLE” —

Some other brands simply sold the air board- or mat- floor in this even thinner materials, cheaper single layer construction, which is called in the industry "single layer", though cheapest way of production plus cheapest very bad base-materials.

— “C — Grade” —

But others glued a second layer of PVC on the construction layer. This is called in the industry "double layer"; Result: Stiff- hard, non flexible very bad quality toys.

·  ·  ·  ·  ·  ·  “AA | Double A Class”:

— “Fusion technology double layer” —

Instead of gluing on a second layer, the construction layer was simply made thicker, melting more PVC on it. This is called “Fusion technolgy”, or “double layer light” or “double layer fusion”, versus even besides the primar two times addidional coatings (extra airtight) though immediatly melted during the whole production cycle of Fusion technolgy double- or triple layer and the highest AAA - Triple A-Class materials!

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